Hardness Tester

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Model HP - HPS:

  • The principle used to measure textile hardness is based on
    measuring the resistance force by the penetration of a pin against
    the spool under a known spring.
  • The measuring principle is same as for the Shore A hardness tests.

  • Instrument for measure the winding density (hardness) of textile bobbins,
    beams, spools, cones, dye packages etc.

    Special features:

  • 6 different models with different ball sizes and working faces are available.
  • Constant pressure system eliminates false reading due to difference between operators.
  • Ball shaped invade prevents damage to bobbins Working face slightly curved to fit on small bobbins.
  • Special flat bottom versions for bobbins with diameters over 40O mm, such as warp beams

  • Tecnical data:

    HP 2.5, 5.0,10  

    with slightly curved face

    HP 2.5 F, 5.0 F, 10 F 

    with flat working face 

    Number identifies the ball diameter, F for flat

    Test pressure app. 12.5 N  

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