The instrument   determines the volume of air (expressed in liter) which pass the test sample under a known depression.  

Automatic depression control

Provided with digital timer to select the requested test time; solenoid valve for immediate stop of volumetric meter when pre-set time is over.                 

The test sample is secured between 2 flanges to assure air tightness.

It is equipped with:

  special device to control volumetric meter calibration

  50 cm2 metal ring for tightness tests.


Technical data:

Test surfaces:  

 50-20-10-5 e 2 cm2


adjustable from 0 to 5 00 PA (Pascal)               (0-50 mm water column)

Air meter maximum capacity:  

100 dm3/min  (liter/min)

Air meter sensitivity:

 0,1 dm3 (liter)

One phase supply:     

 230 VAC 50/60 Hz 

Dimensions :  

 430x500x600 mm

Net weight:  

  30 Kg

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